Zorga Principle #7: Just show up and get in the game. 

It’s amazing, but some people will complain about their poor quality of life and never actually “get in the game” to change it. You can’t do a lot in life without actually participating. Life is like the lottery: if you don’t play, you can’t win. Get off the couch, make the call and take action, especially if it makes you uncomfortable. 

Many people actually never “show up” meaning they never take action (start the business, ask for the date, be present for their family, or literally just show up to school or work, etc.). A lot of people are eternally planning and not doing, in fact, because they’re so focused on the planning that the doing starts to seem terrifying. Nobody wants to make mistakes, but you’ll never accomplish anything by just sitting there and thinking about it. It is critical that you do not overthink any aspect of this system or life in general. Overthinking is many times just another form of procrastination or perfectionism. 

The personal development industry (and others) specialize in overcomplicating most things and making even the simplest things hard to understand. Take action relentlessly, implement Zorga quickly (meaning now) and then come back and tweak after you get momentum and more energy. 

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