Whether it’s how you talk to yourself or how you eat, you really need to be kind to yourself. A lot of depression, anxiety and fear is self-inflicted because you’ve basically abused or terrorized yourself, usually in a misguided attempt at motivating yourself (“don’t be an idiot, do it!”). While this may work sometimes, Part

I shall either find a way or make one. – Hannibal Agency is the ability to get things done regardless of circumstances. Agency is a powerful word, but you’ve probably not heard it used in this manner. If you have agency, then you can be trusted to get done almost anything that is capable of

Ultimately, after you are clear on your Direction, it’s simply a matter of taking Action, receiving Feedback (adjusting course), not stopping until you reach your goals and not getting disturbed by life or “failures.” Being unstoppable and “undisturbable” (that word made famous by Albert Ellis as discussed in the References section of Zorga) is a

The first wealth is health. – Ralph Waldo Emerson What’s the point of being rich if you are bedridden, cannot walk or have no energy to enjoy your wealth? What’s the point of destroying your health at a job you hate just to finally reach retirement and find yourself sadly unable to enjoy the time

Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you want to be successful at something, research how the best do it, learn from them, model their behaviors and systems and strategies and perhaps even improve on what they do. The reason why hanging out with successful people tends to make you more successful is that you pick up

A lot of happiness is in the quality of our relationships. If you think about it, almost all life problems are people or relationship problems. How much would your life improve if every bad relationship you currently have just magically disappeared or was repaired? A bad relationship can make your life miserable whether it’s a

It’s amazing, but some people will complain about their poor quality of life and never actually “get in the game” to change it. You can’t do a lot in life without actually participating. Life is like the lottery: if you don’t play, you can’t win. Get off the couch, make the call and take action,