Zorga Principle #14: Don’t beat yourself up. 

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Whether it’s how you talk to yourself or how you eat, you really need to be kind to yourself. A lot of depression, anxiety and fear is self-inflicted because you’ve basically abused or terrorized yourself, usually in a misguided attempt at motivating yourself (“don’t be an idiot, do it!”). While this may work sometimes, Part 4 will show that healthy and effective people don’t talk to themselves like that. Treat yourself with kindness and like a friend. Forgive yourself if you’re not actively hurting people, many of us are way too hard on ourselves. Motivating yourself does not mean torturing or threatening yourself and doing so will just make you anxious or depressed.

Of course, there are some who are much too easy on themselves or in denial, but in general, most people that are struggling with getting what they want are much more judgmental and abusive to themselves then they are to anyone else. 

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