Zorga Principle #3: Change your belief system to change your life. 

Your belief system has an incredible impact on your life. It all comes down to how you think life works and how you interpret things that happen to you. You can take two people and give them the exact same life circumstances and one will think their life is great with massive opportunities and the other will think they live the most miserable life on earth. 

This all comes down to their belief system (also known as “mindset”) and how they interpret life through their belief filter. Do you think life is inherently unfair and cruel? You will almost certainly see the world that way. Do you think life is full of beauty and challenges to be overcome? You will almost certainly see the world that way.

Change is possible and your potential is far beyond what most people can imagine. You are, for the most part, what you think about and who you decide to be. If you’ve decided to be miserable you will be. If you’re perpetually a victim you will be. If you decide to suddenly become a new person you can be that person. You really can. 

Faking it until you make it is a well-known tactic of many successful people. It’s also well-known that the “placebo effect” works even if you’re aware of it. So, you can install whatever belief system you want and that belief system will run (for better or worse).

Believe that you are improving and Zorga will work for you. If you’re an eternal “downer” and constantly think things won’t work for you, you can silence that voice inside your head. So many people have stopped learning, stopped growing, stopped even being curious. Be more open-minded and much more curious. Live consciously.

Change slowly if you want to take it slow or tend to do too much at once. Make small daily improvements. A 1% improvement compounds each day and is a 3700% improvement in one year.

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