Zorga Principle #1: Take 100% responsibility for your life

Yes, you are responsible, even if life has been unfair, if you’ve been horribly mistreated, raised terribly or worse. Some people are just born smarter, better-looking, from better families, from better countries, with better opportunities and more. This is the hardest principle for most to swallow but it will ultimately provide you the most benefits as it changes your entire mindset about life from that of a victim or unlucky to one who has power over their life. 

Life is not fair and sometimes bad things happen to good people, but that doesn’t mean trauma or jealousy has to be our identity. You can be responsible for your choices, actions, decisions, your health, the way you treat people, for your happiness and your life. Hard work, being on time, being kind, being a good listener and many more great traits take zero natural talent. Work ethic is absolutely free, you can decide to have it now. 

It may not be your fault but if you want to live a better life it’s your job to now take 100% responsibility for how your life will proceed from here on out. Nobody is going to plan this for you, not your government, family or friends. It will be very difficult to change your life if you will not take full responsibility for getting what you want out of life.

No one can think or breathe for us. If you think others are responsible for your life, your brain will stop looking for ways to improve your life and will instead look to others to do it for you. To put it another way, people that don’t take responsibility for their life are often some of the most miserable or angry people on earth and rarely, if ever, make life changes or improvements, instead waiting for life to happen to them or for death to come. 

More importantly, you can learn skills to improve your life dramatically without formal education. The big lie is that you don’t have free choice, “can’t beat the system” and various other forms of defeatist nihilism. All are false and can be easily disproved with literally millions of examples – many by people who had less skills or opportunities than the average person. 

Finally, releasing others of responsibility for your life is also very liberating and motivating as you begin to realize your own personal power and agency. You’ll no longer waste energy worrying about what others have or what’s “fair.” Instead, you can take that energy and apply it to your life. 

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