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The Complete Goal Setting, Take Action, Habit Building, Life Improvement, Become Unstoppable System backed by a 100% Guarantee

Who is Zorga™ for?

Zorga is for people who:
  • Are having problems getting everything in their life organized and "under control."
  • Struggle to focus and get things done. 
  • Are looking for a life purpose or simply something to wake up for each day.
  • Feel uninspired with a lack of vision.
  • Have difficulty setting goals.
  • Have trouble accomplishing goals, even if they are small ones.
  • Struggle with procrastination and taking action.
  • Are overwhelmed with responsibilities, tasks, emails, files, and notifications and are trying to keep on top of it all.
  • Are never truly relaxed and are unable to “turn it off” because you're not in control of your workflow or life.
  • Get depressed or defeated by regrets, setbacks, or failures.
  • Know that health is wealth, but don’t know where to start (or are dealing with an overall lack of energy and vitality).
  • Let your mind overwhelm you with negativity, fear, anxiety, or worse.
  • Struggle with your finances or don’t know how to manage money effectively.
  • Are looking for one simple system to improve and manage all aspects of your life.

Then Zorga is for you.

What will Zorga™ do for me?

Zorga gives you a simple, step-by-step, completely integrated system for methodically improving your life in all areas. Zorga has been in development since 2008 and was built to utilize all major scientific breakthroughs, strategies, and tactics for personal development from ancient times to modern.

From Marcus Aurelius to David Allen's Getting Things Done, we've integrated the best ideas into one simple system. The word Zorga is simply a rearranging of the word “organize” and was developed by former INC500 CEO Matt Knee to help himself and teach others the principles and tools to live their ideal life. The system is life-changing but deceptively simple. 

It does this by:

  • Teaching you the timeless principles for living the life you want. 
  • Helping you create an inspiring vision, mission, values, and a powerful purpose to supercharge your direction in life. 
  • Guiding you in setting goals based on your vision and purpose. 
  • Making your goals into simple habits and tasks that allow you to accomplish them more easily.  
  • Creating a simple daily action plan (that only takes a few minutes to create) and workflow (that is simple to set up) to get things done, achieve your goals and keep track of everything else in your life (with no “open loops” or missed details). 
  • Helping you make better decisions and automatically get better at this (life is ultimately a series of decisions, better decisions = better life). 

On top of this, Zorga’s other tools help improve the other areas of your life like:

  • Guide you to physical health in a simple checklist method that can radically improve your life.
  • Give you the mental tools and mindset to handle anything life throws at you and ultimately become unstoppable.
  • Give you a world-class financial plan that fits on one page that requires minimal maintenance and grows wealth automatically. 
  • Help you create your “perfect day” daily routine that prioritizes getting things done easily so you work less and have plenty of free time. 
  • Help you create your “Memex” which will integrate all the items above and all your personal knowledge into one simple, portable, easily maintained life management system.

Customer Testimonials

How does Zorga™ do this?

Zorga has been under development since 2008 and integrates best practices for life improvement from thousands of resources ranging from ancient knowledge to the most recent cognitive science. 

Zorga has 4 core areas of focus that this research has determined is the simplest and quickest framework for learning these skills and integrating them into your daily life. 

Direction: It all begins with Direction: what direction do you want your life to go from here? It seems simple, but most people don’t even have a sense of this, they’re just sleepwalking through life. Getting even a little bit of clarity on where you want to go will dramatically improve your life. You will then start making decisions and taking actions based on what you really want, not just blindly reacting to whatever life throws at you.

Action: Taking Action is what a lot of people struggle with and that can be fixed. Action is how you move toward the Direction you want in life. Spending as little as 10-15 minutes a day building habits and moving toward your goals can have dramatic effects over time. However, if you take Action without a clear Direction then you may be going in the wrong Direction, spinning in circles or wasting time.

Feedback: It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Feedback is how we analyze how our Direction and Action steps are playing out. Are we getting what we want? If not, then we need to analyze what went wrong and readjust. These are often called “failures” or “mistakes” but really they are just Feedback that you need to change your strategy and get better at making decisions and goal setting. A lot of people simply give up after failures. They don’t learn the lesson, don’t learn to make better decisions and then live predictably mediocre lives. 

Optimization: It’s hard to really accomplish anything if you’re easily overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or physically unhealthy. Optimization is how we improve other areas of our life including our mind, body and finances. Once these are optimized, you are basically unstoppable and virtually nothing will be out of your reach.

Finally, to unite this all into one simple coherent system, you will create your Memex to organize everything and a Daily Routine to bring it all together. 

Think of the four areas as a flywheel, improve in one area and you’ll improve in others. Improve in all and your personal effectiveness will skyrocket. Learn these habits once and you’ll naturally be more effective at life as you integrate these skills into the background. Living this way will be totally natural to you.

The Zorga Table of Contents

What Tools are included with Zorga?

Each part of Zorga includes a simple-to-use tool (in a checklist-style format) that helps you master that area of focus: 

The Zorga Tools:

Tool #1: The Goal List

Helps you get clear on what you really want out of life (not what others tell you to want).

Tool #2: The Direction Finder

Helps you set a motivating vision, mission, values and ultimately, a purpose that is inspiring to you. 

Tool #3: The Daily Action Plan

A simple one-page method for getting things done each day to move towards your Direction and Goals. Includes variations for paper, digital text or your favorite to-do list app. 

Tool #4: The Weekly Review

A quick 10-minute review to keep you on course with your Direction each week and set priorities so you can focus.

Tool #5: The Zorga Workflow

A simple method to handle the torrent of data, files, emails, and notifications and put them in places where you can easily find them.

Tool #6: The Decision Maker

Get better at decisions and you get better at life, this framework will help you master decision-making.

Tool #7: The Health Checklist

A structured, step-by-step way to get healthier and deal with any energy-draining issues you may have.

Tool #8: The Mindset Stack

A proven way to train yourself to relax (under any stress), build a better mindset, and deal with negative emotions.

Tool #9: The One Page Financial Plan

The simplest, easiest financial plan available to put your finances on auto-pilot.

Tool #10: The Zorga Checklist

Put it all together by creating a simple daily routine and a Memex to store everything (your entire system can live on a phone).

What is life like after learning Zorga™?

  • Using Zorga in your daily life will become second nature, there are no rigid rules and you can make your system as simple as you want.
  • You will have a clear direction in life.
  • You will know exactly what you need to do each day to move in that direction.
  • You will have world-class decision, health, mindset, and financial tools that will optimize other areas of your life.
  •  You will get so much better at setting goals and getting things done, using the tools will actually save you hours a day.
  • Most importantly: you’ll have more free time to think and relax. Many people forget that the ultimate goal of a system like Zorga is to get what you want out of life, but also give you your time and freedom back.

Zorga users report:

  • Improvements in career and business (especially entrepreneurs, busy executives and parents)
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Better relationships
  • Massively more productive, saving hours per day
  • Improved finances
  • More time to themselves, time to think
  • Massively reduced or eliminated anxiety, fear, depression
  • A sense of calm knowing everything is in one simple system

How is Zorga™ different from other personal development systems?

  1. Zorga was built to utilize all major scientific breakthroughs, strategies, and tactics for personal development from ancient times to modern, so it’s likely any effective system’s principles have already been integrated into the Zorga framework. From Socrates to David Allen's Getting Things Done system, we've integrated the best ideas into one simple system.
  2. Zorga is constantly improving (each edition has a version number starting with 1.0) so if something has proven effective, it will eventually make it into Zorga. All Zorga customers will receive the updated versions free for life. 
  3. Zorga has a hard limit of 100 pages that requires it to get to the point, while simultaneously covering all the best practices. This enforces clarity and brevity whereas other systems add lots of padding, stories, and examples. Some paragraphs of information took years to learn and condense!
  4. Zorga is not just a book you read, it’s a system you do. Most systems are just books that let you figure out how to implement (or sell you expensive coaching). In Zorga, you’re given the necessary information and immediately taught how to implement it with a step-by-step tool. We provide free templates for each tool or you can use a simple notebook or notes app (even on your phone).
  5. Zorga is backed by a 100% guarantee: if after doing Zorga (within 30 days of purchase) you don’t think it’s worth at least 10 times what you paid for it, then you will be refunded 100%. A few simple tools from Zorga can easily save you hours a day so 10 times is a very conservative value. What is an extra few hours worth every day for the rest of your life? What is living your best life worth? Likely this number is at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What's included with my Zorga order?

  • Zorga eBook (100 pages)
  • The Goal List
  • The Direction Finder
  • The Daily Action Plan
  • The Weekly Review
  • The Decision Maker
  • The Health Checklist
  • The Mindset Stack
  • The One Page Financial Plan
  • The Zorga Checklist
  • FREE Updates for Life (get all future versions of Zorga free!)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How do I get Zorga™?

Click here to buy and download instantly. You can have Zorga in less than one minute (access to the full ebook + 10 tools). Your new life awaits, are you willing to take action now backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If after doing Zorga (within 30 days of purchase) you don’t think it’s worth at least 10 times what you paid for it, then you will be refunded 100%. A few simple tools from Zorga can easily save you hours a day so 10 times is a very conservative value!